Comet 17P/Holmes

This was an odd comet that lay nearly dormant for many years and now suddenly came to life.  It put on quite a show.  Unfortunately, whatever tail it had, it pointed away from us and we saw none or nearly none.  It brought to mind what the “Christmas Star” should have been, if it were a comet.  It seemed to stay mostly in place (spent most of its’ time in Perseus), and just grew bigger and more diffuse over time.


Where most comets show a greenish tint, this one sometimes showed a yellowish tint.
In this 2st photo, the comet simply appears as an out-of-place star in the        First observation report from 10/24/09. 
constellation of Perseus.  It formed a nice triangle with Alpha and Delta          After reading about this comet's outburst online,
Persei.   Oct 10/24/07 6:51pm CDT from Lake St Louis, MO                           went out and found it as around a 2nd
(Sony Cybershot DSC-075, 8 secs. at F/2.5, ISO 400, 21mm FL)                   magnitude "guest star" in Perseus. :                   
2nd Observation report:                                                     3rd observation report                                 4th observation report
                                                                                                In the 2nd photo below, the comet has moved slightly towards
                                                                                                Mirfak (a Persei).   Oct 31, 2007  8:3pm CDT from Lake St
    Fourth observation report (Oct 31, 2007)                                   Louis, MO    (Sony DSC-075 f/2,.8, SO 400, 8 secs.)
Sixth Observation Report                                        7th observation report                                                 8th observation report
After 11/9/07 this comet became so large (and so very diffuse) that it was less interesting in a telescope at 60x or 80x (spilling beyond the FOV) than it was in binos at 10x.  I quit doing observing reports, but managed one more photo after breaking open my Christmas present (a new Nikon D40 camera) a "bit" early.
In the 3rd photo below, the comet is obvious, with a large, diffuse coma, now VERY near Mirfak (a Persei).
Nov 14, 2007  6:58pm CST from Lake St Louis, MO
(Nikon D40, ISO 1600, 15 secs.,f/5.6, 55mm FL)