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This is a copy of a sketch my daughter Erin made of our family viewing Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997.  


We saw Hale-Bopp frequently, and I always pointed it out when I could see it.  As I looked thru old notes however, I did not seem to find more than one note that documented that I captured this comet.  Perhaps it was too obvious - EVERYONE saw it.  It remains a puzzle to me, since I had sketched earlier and MUCH less prominent comets.


My comet drawings are all rudimentary.  Hopefully it can be seen that my details have gotten better over time, and that I continue to be progressively better.  I also have included a few rough photos, although astrophotography is definitely not a strong point either.  I hope you will enjoy reviewing my project.
                                        -  Jim Twellman