Schroter Valley

Winding through the uplands to the north-west of the bright crater Aristarchus, the distinctive Schröter's Valley - the largest sinuous rille on the Moon - resembles a dry river-bed. It runs some 160km from the flooded crater Herodotus. It may be a collapsed lava tube.

To me, it appears that the rille does not expand where it appears to, but the extension to the lower right is a cliff (fault?) and the rille continues on as a narrow valley.  Aristarchus is the bright crater that I can never get the right exposure on.  Herodotus is the one to the left of Aristarachus.  Prinz is the half-filled crater to the right. 

Image taken September 21, 2010 at 10:20 pm CDT.  Moon was 98.6 % illuminated (13.7 day).

16-in Jones-Bird with 2.5X Powermate (5,000 mm), Canon T1i camera.  Processed in Registax 5.