Catena Davy

 Catena meand "crater chain."  Crater Davy is the more-or-less complete crater near the center of this image.  Davy A is the smaller crater on the upper right of Davy's wall..  The catena is to the lower right of Davy - the thin curving line.  With good images, you can see that the line is a series of small craters.

This image was taken on 14 November 2010 about 7:30 pm CST when the Moon was about 8.75 days old.  The seeing was not very good.

Canon T1i camera with 2.5X Powermate on 10-in LX-200 telescope (6,250 mm).  Image processed with AviStack 1.81, saved as a TIF, imported into Registax 5 for RGB alignment, imported into MaximDL where it was converted to monochrome and stretched to maximize brightness spread, imported into Astra Image where Lucy Richardson deconvolution was performed, then back into MaximDL where it was resampled to 8-bit depth and saved as a JPEG.

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