Veil Nebula (NGC6960)

While experimenting with the Canon T1i DSLR and a Vivitar 400 mm lens piggybacked to the LX-200 on the evening of 7 November 2010, I decided to see how the Veil Nebula (NGC6960) would come out even though there were thin, high clouds.  Accordingly,I ended up with 41 32-sec exposures at f/6.3 (wide open) and ISO 800 which I stacked in Deep Sky Stacker using the "superpixel" mode and color alignment of the final image planes.  Post processing in MaximDL using histogram lognormal stretching, converted to 8 bit jpeg for the image below.

The image is not presentation quality due to the scattering from the clouds but it shows promise for future attempts.  A better night would be of supreme aid, but it may also show that a flat field would be desirable.