Interesting books I've found helpful:

Ones I like:

2. Night Watch (Terence Dickinson(good general book on Astronomy as a whole):

3. Backyard Astronomer's Guide (Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer)  (more detailed book by Night Watch Authors includes a section on digital imaging):
4. Merlin's Tour of the Universe (Neil De Grasse Tyson) This book by renowned astrophysicist Dr. Tyson is a fun read. I purports to be written by Merlin who lives on the planet "Omniscia" in the Andromeda Galaxy. These are answers to Qs from readers of Dr. Tyson's column in a newspaper. Moms & Dads this is a great tool for reading occasionally in Q&A format to kids so they learn about science! (I use it myself with students). There is a second book in the series that I'll post when I've read it.

Links are all Amazon as you can buy used versions relatively cheap.  I'll add to these as I think of more (or read more!)