Battery Power Supply for Powering Mount

 The charger is mounted on top of the battery box, & travels with the "Power System." This way you can run your mount & charge the battery at the same time if you have AC power. Power cable from charger to battery box. Rear view showing hinges
 Close up of the two cigarette lighter style sockets - protected from moisture by being under handle. Power Switch is lighted. View of inside showing 15A fuse & dressed wires.
 Detail of positive terminal & 15A fuse. 12V DC power cable is clamped to lid for strain relief & to provide a means of controlling how it lays when the hinged lid is closed.
1.  I put a pigtails (both +ve & -ve) on the sockets for easy expansion.  If I add more sockets I'll still add another pigtail for future expansion.
2.  The attachment is the parts list.
Eddie Agha,
Jan 28, 2012, 6:41 PM