Links & Apps

Mars weekly Transit Times

Heavens-Above is a great website for the Space Geek or anyone wanting to know when the ISS will pass over, or when Iridium Flares will appear. Its database has information on everything ever launched into space. The Android App for Heavens-Above dot com works well. I am not an Apple product user.

Yahoo general astronomy group
It's free and it has all the good local chat.  Get to know St. Louis area folks who are serious observers and who make awesome images.
Ask for permission to join, and it will be granted quickly.

What's the Moon's phase?

FREE planetarium software? high quality and so very useful, move over Starry Night  Stellarium

Are there sunspots today?  Spaceweather

Yes, just about everything in electronics is available online.  But real men in St. Louis still shop at Gateway

If you are addicted to FB (you know who you are), there is a St. Louis Astronomy presence. St. Louis Astronomy

All the cool kids have this App called Sky Safari. There are 3 levels, the more expensive two versions will wirelessly run a GOTO telescope if you have a dongle. There are versions for Apple products and Android machines. Sky Safari

Some people still like the venerable Starry Night. I have used it since the 1990's. It costs more than the other options. Starry Night

At the request of a teacher, here is a link with information on light pollution. 
Additionally, here is a not-for-profit organization addressing how to combat light pollution. is the International Dark Sky Association, aka IDA