Launch of STS 132

May 13, 2010.  Ed and I were part of a Boeing tour of Kennedy Space Center.  We got to see the KSC ISS assembly facility, which I am glad to report had workers busy with equipment.  We drove past the VAB Vehicle (Vertical!) Assembly Building and the crawler track, then spent a fun few hours at the KSC Visitor Center.  We also got to see the P39's the astronauts fly to the Cape.

April 14, 2010.  We watched the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS 132 from the VIP Viewing Area.  Perfect weather, no delays.  I was impressed by how bright the exhaust from the engines was.  Brighter than the Sun, and we were several miles away! Only NASA staff actually involved in the launch were closer to the pad when the launch occurred.  The Viewing Area is right outside the Apollo/Saturn V museum.  The facility gives you goose bumps, it is awesome.   On the bus ride back, we had the pleasure of the company of Astronaut Lieutenant Colonel Rich Clifford and his wife Nancy.

Click here for more information about the STS 132 mission.

May 15, 2010, A fun visit to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge