Broemmelsiek Park Observatory, scroll down for a link to directions

Every Friday evening, if the sky is clear, telescopes are set up at the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy area for your enjoyment. 

Friendly and knowledgable astronomy people will help you look, all year 'round.

If you have a group of 10 or more, please contact our Outreach Coordinator so we can have enough telescopes available.  email Outreach Coordinator

1611 Schwede Road 63385 
   Use this address to find the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy site in Google Maps.
Here is a map
  Map to Broemmelsiek Park Astro Site

Please note: there are at least 4 entrances into the huge Broemmelsiek Park.  BTW, the off-leash area for dog lovers is nearby on Wilson Rd.

There is no gate for the driveway into the Astronomy Viewing Area. That means if you have a telescope or binoculars, you are allowed to use this site 24/7/365. Occasionally, a Ranger may stop by to see what's going on. You do not need a reservation, and all are welcome.

The Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Viewing Area has two on-site telescopes for public viewing, owned by the Alliance for Astronomy, Inc.  They are operated by members of the Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri.  The the rest of the telescopes at the park are the personal
property of volunteers who enjoy showing people the night sky.

16" Jones-Bird optical design GOTO telescope. It is permanently mounted at Broemmelsiek Park.

To have a really good time at a Friday Night Open House, here are some ideas:
  • Look at a star map before your visit.  Maybe you have an app to show what is up in the sky.  You can download a free printable star map here SKYMAPS
  • Turn an ordinary flashlight into a low-intensity flashlight.  A paper lunch sack over a flashlight dims it down enough to be useful at night. 
    If you have any clear, red plastic around, cut out a piece that fits your flashlight.

A cell phone can be used as a flashlight, but its brightness will prevent you from seeing all the cool deep-sky stuff.  See the above suggestions.

  • There is no need to hold the eyepiece of a telescope.  The tiny vibrations in your hands will prevent you from seeing the object at its best. 
    So please do not hold on to a telescope eyepiece when you are viewing.  Thanks!  If the image is not sharp, there is a focusing knob to correct the image.  Ask the telescope owner where the focusing knob is, then you can get a really good view.

  • Dress appropriately. 
    We do Friday Night Open House observing even in the cold of winter.  Please dress warmer than you think you need to, or your visit will be really short.

  • In Summer, remember this is an outdoor activity, and there will be bugs.  To protect the telescopes, please spray yourself with anti-bug spray in the parking lot, not in the telescope area.  Thanks!
  • The restrooms at the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Viewing Area do not have lights.  This is where you can use your cellphone as a light!

Ed White with a home-built 10" f 4.5 Dobsonian.  At the right is an Edmunds Scientific Astroscan, a reflectror telescope with a 4 1/2 inch mirror.