Science Outreach

3 Dec. 2013
Central Elementary School, FFSD.

at the school's
Family Science Night with members of
the St. Louis Space Frontier
(a chapter of the National Space Society).

Their first look through a telescope was an
EXIT sign.

"It's upside down and backwards!"

Maybe next time, we can show them the Moon and planets.

Science fun for the family!

Work in progress, building a space habitat with Legos on the Moon.

Students are visiting an asteroid on a mining expedition.

The "Earth Brick" weighs
10 pounds.
But on Mars, and the Moon, this 10 pound brick weighs a lot less!

Students are amazed!

St. Louis Science Center, 6 Dec. 2013

Part of the Science Center's
First Friday Fun program

The Planetary Society has proposed a system of "laser bees" to nudge a rogue asteroid away from a collision with Earth.

If the dinosaurs had developed a space program, they would still be around today!

In April, President Obama tasked the space community with developing a mission to capture an asteroid and bring it to a stable point near the Moon.

Mining an asteroid can provide materials needed on Earth. 

Here is an artist's illustration of an asteroid-capture spacecraft.

This Mars map shows Gale Crater. This is where the Curiosity rover,
 of the Mars Science Lab mission, is exploring and analyzing
the Red Planet.