Astro for Scout Groups and Schools

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If you and your group of 10 or more people want to visit Broemmelsiek Park on a Friday evening, please contact our  OUTREACH COORDINATOR.

Click here for Cub Scout Astronomy activities.

Free telescope viewing occurs every clear Friday evening at Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Viewing Area   Members of ASEM have telescopes pointed at objects in the night sky.  If you want to bring your Scout group to a Friday evening observing session, let us know you are coming so we can have enough telescopes set up for you. 
Questions?  Send an email  Outreach Coordinator

Elementary and Middle School Groups 

Every year, ASEM outreach members bring astronomy to thousands of students in the St. Charles County area.  Requests can be made to the Outreach Coordinator please direct any questions to him for more information.

High School, College, and Continuing Adult Ed. Groups

  Instructors, let us know if you are sending students out to Broemmelsiek Park for Friday evening telescope observing.  Our  OUTREACH COORDINATOR can help customize target objects to help meet your students' needs.

BSA Astronomy Merit Badge 

Many of the badge requirements require actual observation of the night sky.  These activities can be done at the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Viewing Area on clear Friday evenings.
Some requirements can be done indoors with the help of one or more ASEM outreach people. 
Please contact our Outreach Coordinator if you want a program for your scout group.   

Girl Scout Activities 

The website of the Girl Scouts of America   has a searchable database of GSA recognitions.

ASEM volunteers can help scouts earn science recognitions.

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  1)  The Astronomy Viewing Area  is a special section of a St.Charles County Park.  All park regulations regarding leashed dogs, no alcohol, etc,. are in force, and rangers drop by throughout the evening.
  2)  Telescope viewing is very enjoyable when skies are dark.  Remember to keep little ones safe at night, especially in the parking lot.  A flashlight that has been dimmed by a brown paper bag, or a red flashlight, is helpful.  Supervising adults need to be aware of where children are throughout the evening.
  3)  Little ones may need help looking through the eyepiece.  You might need to lift or steady your child on a ladder.
  4)  Smoking is discouraged around telescopes, as smoke damages telescope optics.
  5)  Restrooms are available, but they do not have lights.  You might want to use your cellphone as a flashlight in the restroom.
  6)  Remember that the telescopes set up at Broemmelsiek Park are the property of the volunteers using them.  OUTREACH COORDINATOR