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April, 2020
The dog is my observing companion. The newly-made DIY accessories will keep me safe while using a telescope.

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New to Astronomy? 
Join us at ASEM Beginner Meetings.  The fun starts at 7pm on the first Thursday of every month.  Meetings are held at the Weldon Springs Interpretive site, on HWY 94 one mile south of I 40/64.

Here is a link to  (Shout out to Mark Mancuso).

Here is a link to the Clear Sky Chart for the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Site in St. Charles County, MO. Click on it for  Stargazing Conditions. 

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April 30, 2018. The Full Moon rising, with Jupiter to the upper right. The white and red stripes are the lights of an incoming motorcycle. Photo courtesy of Andrew Adams, student at SCC.

     LUNAR X from our driveway
Lunar X

      Image was taken by Ed White with a Canon EOS set on a tripod, looking into the eyepiece of a 102mm f 7.7 Meade refractor. The Lunar X is an ephemeral feature, visible for a few hours when the Sun's angle is just right.

Here we are at Broemmelsiek Park on a cold evening.