Astro League Awards

Astronomical League Awards

ASEM is proud to acknowledge the various Astronomical League observing club awards that our members have achieved. Details of the requirements of these awards can be found at or by clicking on the club name in the list below. Members who work on these club lists learn to observe and report the details appreciated by astronomers everywhere for these objects.  Without records of your observations, did you really see it?  Not a big step from keeping a journal of your observations to keeping one that meets A.L. club requirements.  Drawings are necessary on some, but not most, of these clubs. There are plenty of sources online (pictures, observing reports, etc.) to confirm your own observations as well.

Observing clubs highlighted in yellow are required for Master Observer and five additional clubs are needed.  The symbol # followed by a number is the Astronomical League certificate number for the particular award.

For JT's presentation from the June 11, 2011 meeting, use this link or this one.  For SB's update from the January 10, 2015 meeting use this link.

Active Galactic Nuclei Program Pin   Active Galactic Nuclei Program  

    #3-1 Dan Crowson  2015                               

Advanced Binocular Double Star Program
#008 Steve Boerner    2015
Analemma Program Observing PinAnalemma Observing Program

Arp Peculiar Galaxy Observing Program PinArp Peculiar Galaxies Northern Observing Program
#2V   Doug Kniffen     1995 Visual
#27C  Dan Crowson      2012 Imaging

Arp peculiar galaxy Observing program pin Arp Peculiar Galaxies Southern Observing Program

 Asterism Observing Program

Asteroid Observing Program Pin Asteroid Observing Program
#45  Dan Crowson   2015  Regular                                                          #50  Dan Crowson   2015 Gold


Binocular Double Star Observing Program Pin Binocular Double Star Observing Program
#018 Grant Martin     2012
#037 Steve Boerner    2012
Binocular Messier Observing Program Pin Binocular Messier Observing Program
#0030 Doug Kniffen         1991
#0734 Jim Roe              2006
        #0776 Dr. John Duchek      2007
        #0911 Grant Martin         2011
        #0927 David Lloyd          2011
        #0932 Steve Boerner        2012
        #0958 Terry Clinkingbeard  2012
        #0961 Eddie Agha           2012
        #1001 Jim Twellman         2013
        #1041 Dan Crowson          2014

 Bright Nebula Observing Program

#8 Dan Crowson  2015

                       #10 Dan Crowson 2015 Advanced

Caldwell Observing Program Pin Caldwell Observing Program
#140  Jim Twellman  2009  Silver              #223  Steve Boerner 2015  Silver

Carbon Star Observing Program Pin Carbon Star Observing Program

Comet Observing Program Pin Comet Observing Program
#26 Gregg Ruppel  2014 Gold
#50 Jim Twellman  2010 Silver                             #33 Jim Twellman  2016 Gold
                   #83 Dan Crowson   2015 Silver                             #35 Dan Crowson   2016 Gold

Constellation Hunter Observing Program Pin Constellation Hunter Observing Programs
#128  Grant Martin    2013  Northern
Dark Nebula Observing Program Pin Dark Nebulae Observing Program

Dark Sky Advocate Observing Award Pin Dark Sky Advocate Observing Award Deep Sky Binocular Observing Program Pin Deep Sky Binocular Observing Program
#021 Doug Kniffen   1994
#328 David Lloyd    2012
        #331 Steve Boerner  2012
        #336 Grant Martin   2012
        #367 Jim Twellman   2015

Double Star Observing Program Pin Double Star Observing Program
#017 Doug Kniffen   1996
#478 Grant Martin   2012
#495 Jim Twellman   2012
        #497 Steve Boerner  2012

EOSOC Observing Program Pin Earth Orbiting Satellite Observing Program

Flat Galaxy Observing Program Pin Flat Galaxy Observing Program Galaxy groups and Clusters Observing Program Pin Galaxy Groups and Clusters Observing Program

Galileo Program Pin Galileo Program Globular Cluster Observing Program Pin Globular Cluster Program
#152  Doug Kniffen    2010
#212  Steve Boerner   2012

                   #257  Jim Twellman    2014
        #284  Dan Crowson     2016

Herschell 400 Observing Program Pin Herschel 400 Observing Program
#051 Doug Kniffen     1989
#460 Grant Martin     2011
        #490 Jim Twellman     2013
        #506 Steve Boerner    2014
#506 Bill Biermann    2015
        #571 Dan Crowson      2016

Herschell II Observing Program Pin Herschel II Observing Program
#7M  Doug Kniffen     1999
Hydrogen Alpha Solar Observing Program Pin Hydrogen Alpha Solar Observing Program
#2  Steve Boerner    2013
#13 Grant Martin     2014

LGG Observing Program Pin Local Galaxy Group and Neighborhood Observing Program
#22-DA  Dan Crowson      2014
#36-DA  Steve Boerner    2017
Lunar Observing Program Pin Lunar Observing Program
#021 Doug Kniffen     1996
#166 Dr. John Duchek  1999
        #746 Grant Martin     2011
        #775 Steve Boerner    2012
                    #1007  Alfred Schovanez            2017
Lunar II Observing Program Pin Lunar II Observing Program
   #70   Steve Boerner    2015
 Master Observer Observing Award PinMaster Observer Observing Award
#103 Doug Kniffen    2010 
#139 Grant Martin    2013
        #149 Steve Boerner   2014
 Messier Observing Program PinMessier Observing Program
#0120 Jim Roe       1974    Honorary
#0367 Wayne Clark   1978    Honorary
#0713 John Sgouros  1987    Honorary
        #0810 Doug Kniffen  1988    Honorary
        #0857 Amy White     1989    Honorary
        #2250 Jim Twellman  2005    Honorary
        #2388 Tom Richards  2007    Honorary
        #2543 Grant Martin  2011    Honorary
        #2575 Steve Boerner 2012    Honorary
        #2644 David Lloyd   2013    Honorary               #2525 Bill Biermann 2011    Honorary 
Meteor Observing Program Pin Meteor Observing Program
#45 Doug Kniffen   1998
#185  Alfred Schovanez       2017 Regular

NEO Observing  Program Pin NEO Observing Program

Open Cluster Observing Program Pin Occultation Observing Program

Open Cluster Observing Program Pin Open Cluster Observing Program
#82 Dan Crowson 2017 Basic Level

Outreach Observing Award Pin Outreach Observing Award
  #070-M  Jim Twellman     2012  Master
  #080-O  Marvin Stewart   2007     
        #132-O  John Furlong     2007      
        #422-M  Steve Boerner    2013  Master
        #423-S  Chuck Simms      2011  Stellar 
        #424-M  Grant Martin     2015  Master
                   #464-M  Don Ficken       2012  Master
        #474-M  Eddie Agha       2016  Master
        #476-O  Amy White        2012 
        #464-S  Donald Ficken    2012  Stellar
                   #685-O  Michael Pusatera 2015
                    #907-S      Ed White                          2017      Stellar

Planetary Nebula Program Pin Planetary Nebula Program
#27  Steve Boerner 2014  Basic Level
IMG9 Dan Crowson   2016  Advanced

 Planetary Transit Special Award PinPlanetary Transit Special Award
Dan Crowson     2013
Grant Martin    2013
        Jim Twellman    2013
        Steve Boerner   2013
        Ann P Trull     2012
        James M Trull   2012
        Don Ficken      2012
        Steve Boerner   2013
                   Eddie Agha                    2016

                   Kristin Berry                 2016

                   Tom    Berry                  2016

                   Steve Boerner                2016

                   Grant Martin                  2016

                   Mike Pusatera                2016

Radio Astronomy Observing Program
#09-G  Steve Boerner   2017   Gold   Level
#03-B  Steve Boerner   2015   Bronze Level              #02-S  Steve Boerner   2015   Silver Level
             #07-B  Doug Kniffen    2015   Bronze Level
             #03-S  Doug Kniffen    2015   Silver Level

 Sketching Observing Award   Sky Puppy Observing Program

Solar System Observing Program Pin Solar System Observing Program
#75  Grant Martin    2013
#90  Steve Boerner   2015

Southern Skies Binocular Observing Pin Southern Skies Binocular Observing Program
   #016   Wayne Clark     1997
Southern Skies Telescopic Observing Program Pin Southern Sky Telescopic Observing Program

Stellar Evolution Observing Program Pin Stellar Evolution Observing Program

Sunspotters Observing Program Pin Sunspotters Observing Program
#011 Dr. John Duchek  1999
#128 Grant Martin     2011

Two in the View Observing Program Pin Two in the View Observing Program
  #17  Dan Crowson    2016
Universe Sampler Program Pin Universe Sampler Observing Program
#112(T)    Steve Boerner 2014

 Urban Observing Program PinUrban Observing Program
184 Steve Boerner 2017
  Variable Star Program PinVariable Star Observing Program
#27 Steve Boerner 2017

Special Astronomical League Awards:
2015     Dan Crowson  -- October 19, 2014 Comet Siding Springs Encounter with Mars Observing Campaign
2015     Dan Crowson- July 14, 2015 New Horizons Encounter with Pluto observing Campaign
2014    1 Dan Crowson NASA Observing Challenges siding Spring
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