Astrophotography Equipment

The telescopes and other equipment described above are very well suited to astrophotography.  ASEM members who want to learn and practice imaging of the Moon, planets and deep sky objects have a range of equipment with which to participate.  Among such equipment is a 120-600 mm zoom lens that can be mounted on the Losmandy dovetail bar which is attached to the C-14 in the observatory at Broemmelsiek Park as shown below.  Also shown is the Canon T1i digital camera.  Note the focusing mask on the end of the lens.

We also have a Celestron C-90 Maksutov system quite suitable for astrophotography.  I has a focal length of 1000 mm at f/11.  We have the adapter to mount the Canon T1i camera on it and it will fit on the Losmandy bar of the C-14.