80cm Telescope

By way of a generous cash donation from the Boeing Employees Community Fund, the Alliance for Astronomy, Inc. was able to purchase an excellent 80cm (32-in) telescope from Al Kelly in Houston, Texas.  The telescope was moved from Texas to a temporary site in Moscow Mills, Missouri in September, 2006.  Since acquiring the telescope we have upgraded the drive system to make it a go-to telescope using servomotors and a controller from Sidereal Technology.  Another grant from the Boeing ECF partially provided funds to purchase an SBIG STL-1001 ccd camera with photometric filters (V and I, with B added subsequently) and a Paracorr coma corrector.  The system produces excellent images across a 23.5x23.5 arcmin field of view.  Club members have used it to measure variable stars (~25,000 measurements in 2008 sent to the AAVSO) and detailed observations of the transits of extra solar planets across the face of their stars.

Due to a severe wind storm on July 3, 2011and resulting damage the 80cm telescope is down.  The optics are fine, but currently the scope is unusable.  We have obtained permission to establish it at a new location at Broemmelsiek Park, and the scope restoration is now underway.  As a substantial ladder will be needed to view thru it, we will have to engage some restrictions on its' safe use (minimum height, age, medical conditions).

Check back later to see the status of this telescope.