60 mm Solar Telescope

By way of a generous cash grant from the Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company - St. Louis, we purchased a Lunt Model LS60THa solar telescope.  This telescope features a very narrow-band filter that isolates the light from Hydrogen gas from the rest of the light emitted by the Sun which provides exquisite views of many normally hidden features of our star.  In particular, huge eruptions from the surface of the Sun called prominences can be seen in profile when they occur near the limb (edge) of the Sun.  When these prominences occur on the surface of the Sun facing Earth, they are visible as string-like features.  An accessory to the telescope is the LS50FHa filter which is another  filter that attaches to the front of the telescope (called double stacking) and provides an even narrower slice of Solar light which reveals finer detail, especially over the face of the Sun.  The telescope is mounted on a tracking platform as paid for by way of the ECF grant.

We plan to develop daytime programs featuring this telescope and offer them to area schools to augment their science studies.  Volunteers, especailly those who can help out during week days, are sought to present these programs.