40cm Jones-Bird Telescope


The optical tube assembly for a 16-in Jones-Bird telescope was donated by Bill Davis (mechanical parts) and Jim Melka (optics) to the Alliance for use at the astronomy center.  A cash grant from the Enterprise Rent-a-Car Foundation was made to install the OTA on a computerized alt-az mounting which was done superbly by Bob Kirschenmann.  The telescope has been installed in Broemmelsiek Park where it is used for public Star Gazing events and is available to ASEM members..

The telescope has a 40cm (16-in) f/3 spherical primary but a correcting doublet of the Jones-Bird design corrects for spherical aberration and their own chromatic aberration to produce an effective f/5 (2000 mm EFL).  Its compact design is evident in the photos. For more information on this unique instrument, please visit this link: Jones-Bird History
Testing on the night sky reveals excellent optical properties and the Go-To / tracking drive is a joy to use.  The scope can also be used in a manual mode without using the motors or digital setting circles. 

As installed out at Broemmelsiek Park