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Telescope and Equipment Resources

The Alliance for Astronomy, Inc (ASEM's sponsor) has built and impressive array of telescopes and other equipment to further the plan to make observing more convenient and exciting.  All of this equipment is available to ASEM members, especially for sharing celestial wonders with the public.  Click on any of the subpage links below to learn more about the individual items.

All items are available for check out for a period of one month.  If no one else requests the equipment you may keep it longer.  All requests for equipment or reports of problems should be directed to equipment@asemonline.org

  Telescope or Equipment:
 12" ("Nolan") DOB

Available to members to checkout.

69" FL.  Features include a Telrad finder, 1.25" Crayford focuser.
   40cm Jones-Bird Telescope

16" telescope.

Available to use at the Park.

18" Obsession Telescope    

Available for members to check out.

   80cm Telescope

This 32" telescope is currently under restoration.  It should be ready for public views at Broemmelsiek Park by the end of April.

This will be the LARGEST PUBLICLY-AVAILABLE TELESCOPE in the state of Missouri.

As the use of a ladder is required, there will be safety considerations requiring minimum age, height, and other health requirements.  The ladder is a rolling 6-step ladder with handrails, similar to what you would see in a large hardware store.

   60 mm Solar Telescope

Lunt Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Scope
Available to members for check out (includes mount).
   40 mm Personal Solar Telescope

Coronado Hydrogen Alpha Solar Scope

Available to members to check out (includes mount)
   Starmaster 14.5-in Telescope

Available to members to check out.
   Meade ETX125 Telescope

Available to members to check out.  Has white-
light solar filter.
   Astrophotography Equipment

Canon Ti1 camera

Both available for members to check out.

 Barska 25x100 astronomical binoculars,
Oberwerk tripod and parallelogram mount

6" Orion Dob 
Light-weight telescope that fits easy in your car.  Great for beginners!

  • Optical diameter: 150mm (6")
  • Focal length: 1200mm (48")
  • Focal ratio: f/8
  • Optical tube length: 45.5"
  • Optical tube weight: 13.5 lbs.
  • Mount/ tripod weight: 20.9 lbs.
  • Weight, fully assembled: 34.4 lbs.