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Coulter Roundup July 2011

posted Jul 27, 2011, 1:43 PM by Grant Martin
See also the photos section in the STLAstronomy Yahoo group.

The following was posted by Tom Richards over on the STLAstronomy Yahoo group:


Coulter Roundup - July 2011

Hey yeah, thanks go all around, especially to those who hauled their big Coulter dobs into the back meeting room at the Weldon Springs Interpretive Center (and no one could top what Wayne Clark brought in - you have to see the pictures to believe it!) AND to those who gave presentations on their DIY projects, modifications (to) and rebuilds (of) their Coulter dobs:

* Steve Boerner on his recent DIY binocular (parallelogram) mount that supports his heavy 80mm bino's.  Nice work there Steve.

* John Beaury for presentation/demo of his Coulter "Odyssey 8" (inch), that included an interesting change to the mirror mount for better adjustments, air flow and fan (built-into the mirror mount), power/battery inverter, and collapsing leg stand for the rocker box.

* Mark Jones for presentation/demo of his 13 inch traveling (scope) dob design and a slide show on his (nearly completed and improved) 17 inch version of the same.

* Wayne Clark on his truly homemade MONSTER 17 inch dob (or shall we say coffin or walk-in closet there Wayne?), with quick removable mirror box, homemade 3 inch focuser slide/tube and 80mm (?) finder scope.  Amazing work.  Thanks for bringing that to the meeting Wayne.

Thanks also to Bill Jones for bringing in his recently acquired, and in great condition, blue-box Coulter Odyssey I (13 inch) that gave an interesting comparison to my unmodified (thats need modifying) "red-tube" Odyssey 13 inch.

After the presentations we had time for a detail look-see and Q&As, and, since the skies, for a change, followed the forecast of "mostly clear", we continued the fun at 9 PM by hauling our dobs over to Broemmelsiek Park for a few hours of some visual observing fun and performance comparison.  Don Ficken showed off his (in good working condition) Odyssey 13 inch there.

Thanks again for all the Coulter owners for joining the DIY-ATM meeting and sharing your work; you are certainly welcomed to return to the DIY-ATM group meetings, where building/modifying/improving scopes and gear is what we are all about. 

This combined meeting/event turned out to be a very informative and beneficial experience.  I know I certainly enjoyed it.  And Don and I both feel that we ought to make the "Coulter/Dob Round-Up" an annual event for sure.

The next DIY-ATM meeting, that would normally be two months away, will fall at the end of September, and that is smack-dab in the middle of the years prime observing and public support time.  So, I will send another email out to registered DIY-ATM members to check on the preferred timing of the next meeting and advise.

Tom Richards
Coordinator, ASEM DIY-ATM SIG