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Beginners Corner

We were all beginners at some point.  We at ASEM have always tried to extend a welcoming hand to beginners so that they, too, can enjoy the richness that astronomy can bring to their lives.  As such, we have long offered a meeting for beginners at which any, and all, questions are addressed.  And we will do it as many times as requested.  This meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month at the Interpretive center.

Place:         Weldon Spring Interpretive Site (where ASEM meetings take place).
Address:     7295 Highway 94 South, St. Charles, MO 63304
Start time:   7:00pm Central Time.

Check the Home page of this asemonline.org website before you drive to the Beginner Meeting. Location, date, or time may change due to circumstances.
In addition, we will add to this page information for Beginners and links to pages within respective Members website pages, who wish to impart some of their wisdom and experiences.

(Registered members are welcome to add to or edit this page to help beginners along the way)

  1. Our first visit is to a page titled Astronomy Resources for Beginners within Tom Richards's member page. There, you will find a list of recommended (FREE) programs that you can download from the Internet, along with other helpful and handy Astronomy aids and resources, with commentary.
  2. Next up is basic information regarding laser pointer intensities, safety usage and classification system, within Grant Martin's member page.  This is specifically oriented towards the green laser pointers used for Astronomy and star parties.  (select the graphic link below)

  3. If you are thinking of buying your first telescope, or just got one, then please take a look this page Your First Telescope, for information on types, accessories, how to use, etc.
  4. For a few more links and inspiration, please follow this link Beginners are welcome
ASEM Beginners meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday evenings of the month.