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The "Digital Imaging" group is made up of members and visitors who share the same interest in Astrophotography (or Digital Imaging) and to learn how to do it better and easier.  This covers both still image capture with DSLR and CCD cameras, video captured with DSLR cameras, and webcams.

The Digital Imaging SIG meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at the Weldon Spring Center.   We frequently adjourn to Broemmelsiek Park to practice what we preach.

A list of books, articles, and on-line links to tutorials, software, reference websites, and equipment, can be viewed in the Digital Imaging - Resource Library page (by selecting this link, which opens another tab in your browser, or the link at the bottom of this page).  This list is a collection of items and links from all who have supported this SIG over the recent years.  Whether you are an experienced imager or a newbie to this "other way" of observing, we strongly recommend you check this page out and even bookmark it for future reference. Note that this section needs to be updated.

Many of the members of ASEM with web pages found in the "Links to Members Pages", on the left sidebar, are members of the DigitalSIG.  So be sure to browse their pages to see their work in Astrophotography.

To facilitate dialog and sharing information among members of the DigitalSIG, we have a Groups.io discussion list too.  Be sure to join in on the discussions at https://groups.io/g/ASEMDigitalSIG.