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So what in the world does DIY-ATM SIG mean?

        It stands for "Do-It-Yourself"
            "Amateur Telescope Making"
"Special Interest Group"

Our SIG Objective:

        To build, and help others build, telescopes,
            accessories, or other Astronomy gear,
                and including modifications of the same.

You don't need an expensive workshop to make some sort of Astronomy gear, whether that be a scope, electronics, or wood fixtures (such as a chair, box, binocular mount, or tripod shelf).  Shown to the left, is a typical garage workhorse-bench and tools, with some examples. Of course, having a complete workshop couldn't hurt to have, especially with complex projects, but truthfully just basic power tools and know-how will work just fine in creating something that will complement your equipment.  You may even find the experience to be a bit of fun while learning something in the process.

A few guidelines and Q&A's:
  • Skills and materials range from wood-working, metal fabrication, plastics, electronics, to mirror-making and optics mounting, to begin with.
  • Members can be from ASEM and other surrounding area clubs.
  • We meet to help each other with project ideas and show'n'tell project chat, that includes construction tips and tricks, where to find parts locally and online, etc.
  • Groups of owners with the same brand/model of scopes are encouraged to participate here as well, to learn what others have done to improve the performance of their scopes.  So far, Coulter and Meade LightBridge dobsonian owners have participated.
  • As more have common interest in making the same item, a "group project" may start up, for two or more who have common interest in making their own Astronomy scopes or gear, with one or more assisting or coaching.  Coaching could be at another member's workshop or garage, until someday a common workshop is found.
  • The builders "Do-It-Themselves" normally at home, but if agreed and arranged, could work together at common location.
  • Based on the upswing tick in interest we have experience in DIY'rs out there, we now meet every month, with the exception of December, at the ASEM meeting room in the Weldon Springs Interpretive Center, on the 4th Wednesday (occasionally we bump that to the 5th Wednesday, in those months with 5 Wednesdays, to avoid back to back meeting nights with the DI SIG.  Regardless, please check the ASEM Calendar, located near the bottom on the front page of this website, for the next meeting night).
  • There will be sub-pages under this page for DIY-ATM meeting reports, Internet resource references and links and for Project (success) Stories, at a minimum.
  • A Yahoo forum discussion website is available too, to facilitate dialog and sharing of information among members and friends of the DIY-ATM SIG.  Be sure to sign-up there too for shop chat, ideas, and DIY scope and gear experiences.  Files and photos are available there as well.

So, if you are interested in building, instead of buying, and learning while you build,
    a telescope, fixing-up an older scope, or building or fixing-up some other related gear,

            and not sure you have all the right answers or the right tools?
hen this group maybe for you!

                Please contact the ASEM or one of the SIG members for more information.