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ASEM Email Contacts


Email address:

Please use the following email addresses to direct your requests, suggestions, comments, or posts:
  • ASEM equipment status/checkout/repair and Broemmelsiek Observatory
  • Communications with ASEM's Hospitality committee for General Meetings
  • Submissions or request for ASEM monthly newsletter
    • Text files with attached pictures would be the best
    • Word documents may be submitted but may lose formatting
  • Submissions or request for ASEM monthly General Meeting

  • Special requests for groups at Broemmelsiek Park including:
    • notice of large party (more than groups of twenty)
    • request for specific requirements needed (school assignment, merit badge requirements, etc.)
  • Requests for Star Party / Telescope event at another location
  •  Web page and all other communications not covered above

There are four discussion groups/ Bulletin Boards that are ASEM related:

Name of Group:
 Focus of Group:
 Yahoo address for information and to subscribe:
 ASEMDigitalSIGAstrophotography https://groups.io/g/ASEMDigitalSIG
 ASEM_DIY-ATM_SIGMaking, building, and modifying equipmenthttps://stlastronomy.groups.io/g/ASEM-DIY
 Broemmelsiek_Observatory_UsersBroemmelsiek Park use and issues https://stlastronomy.groups.io/g/BroemmelsiekObservatoryUsers
 STLAstronomyAll things astronomical in the St. Louis Area. https://stlastronomy.groups.io/g/main