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 The Astronomical Society of Eastern Missouri (ASEM) is an Astronomy club designed to put fun and passion into astronomy. We are based in St. Charles County, Missouri, and draw heavily from the St. Louis Metro area. Our members range in age from 8 to 85 and we all “love” Astronomy. We are very family friendly. We love to “share the view” through our public outreach and education programs, our meetings, our special interest groups (SIGs), our events, our relationships with other area clubs and national organizations, and sometimes just with each other while under the stars. While you are at this website, we trust you will get a feeling for our fun with, and passion about, Astronomy.

ASEM Membership Benefits. Becoming a member provides you with the ability to borrow an ASEM club telescope. A variety of instruments for any skill-level and ability are available for you to use.  New Member Info including membership application.

You do not need to be a member to attend  of the following monthly ASEM events:

  • Beginner Meeting. It’s on the first Thursday of the month, starting at 7pm, location varies. Watch this website for the next month’s location. link to Beginners-Corner
  • General Meeting. It’s on the second Saturday evening of the month. A Pot Luck dinner, main dish provided, starts at 6pm, and the informational General Meeting starts at 7pm. If you're wondering  about what to bring to the Pot Luck, contact our Hospitality committee. hospitality@asemonline.org
  • Digital SIG (astrophotography). It’s on the third Tuesday of the month, starting at 7pm. You do not need expensive equipment to get involved. Link to SIGs
  • DIY-ATM SIG (do it yourselfers). It’s on the fourth Wednesday of the month, starting at 7pm. Link to SIGs

 Weekly Public Telescope Viewing. Every clear Friday evening, ASEM members volunteer their time and telescopes at the Broemmelsiek Park Astronomy Viewing Area. Observing starts at sunset and lasts for two hours. This occurs all year ‘round. The “Latest News Flash” block gives updates on weather and observing conditions for the upcoming Friday evening. Directions to Broemmelsiek

ASEM NEWSLETTER The monthly ASEM newsletter has announcements and useful information. ASEM News Here

ASEM Astronomy Outreach Events Click here to contact our ASEM Outreach Coordinator. outreach@asemonline.org

Thousands of people, young and old, enjoy the views through ASEM members' telescopes. During the day, solar viewing, done safely and correctly, is exciting. During the evening, beautiful objects of the night sky can be experienced in our telescopes. Outreach Fun Here

Recent Announcements

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                                                    Our Club in Action...........

ASEM Public Outreach Pictures



Latest News Flash

Our next weekly free FNOH* Public Viewing session is scheduled on Friday night ,February 12th., at Broemmelsiek Park in St. Charles County.  Viewing sessions usually start at 7 P.M.. See below for directions to the park. A public viewing session is scheduled for every Friday night when skies are clear. Yes, even during the winter.

Our Next General Club meeting is Saturday February 13th., at the Weldon Springs Interpritive Center meeting room. Starting at 6 P.M. with our Potluck style Dinner social hour. The meeting starting at 7 P.M.- 9 P.M. This meeting is open to members and Non-Members.

Our Next Digital SIG Meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday February 16th., from 7 P.M.- 9 P.M. at the Weldon Springs Interpritive center meeting room. Come and join the meeting if you wish to learn more about Imaging the night sky.

Charles Messier was a comet hunter in the late 18th and very early 19th centuries.  He developed a list of objects to avoid while hunting comets.  The list must have worked, because during his lifetime he discovered over twenty comets.  Today his list is called the Messier List and contains most of the brighter deep sky objects that interest amateur astronomers.  The 110 Messier Objects dominate viewing at most public outreach sessions and can be recognized with names starting with the letter "M" as in M31, M42, or M45.   messier-marathon-2016

Ever see seventy-four galaxies in one night?  How about just by using minor corrections in altitude without changing the azimuth?  Not using any GoTos, star hopping, or slews all over the sky while just sitting on a stool, watching the sky roll by? If this all sounds interesting you might be a candidate for the 2016 ASEM Herschel Hustle--April 9, 2016 at Danville Conservation Area. herschel-hustle

Dear Visitors
: Please observe these requests while you are at the public viewing.

See the Online Weather Sources used to make the weather related call.

*Friday Night Open House

Typical ASEM Meeting Scenes


Important Links

Want to request a Star Party (or have another request)? Click here 

Help our Program Committee, make suggestions/requests for program material here.

Map to Weldon Spring Interpretive Center - site of indoor meetings

Map and information about the Broemmelsiek Park observing site - a premier viewing area.

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Every once in a while ASEM is featured in a broadcast or print story.  See ASEM in the News.

For purposes of planning for the 2017 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, see
2017 Total Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

Important Astronomy Resources
River Bend Astronomy Club
Mid-States Region of the Astronomical League
Astronomical League

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Users of the astronomy area at Broemmelsiek Park may also be interested in the St. Charles County FaceBook page.
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Every wonder what astronomers look at up there in the sky through a telescope?  Watch our slide show then visit our Links to Members Pages

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Danville Clear Sky Chart

Broemmelsiek Park Clear Sky Chart